•  Give clear, accurate information to keep you better informed about our community




  •  Maintain the quality we enjoy in our Recreation Districts


  •  Continue to appoint people to the boards who have a commitment to the future of           our community


Focus on Public Safety 


  • Address road safety and traffic concerns (obstructions, no-shoulders, etc.) 


  • Support the Fire Department efforts to secure needed resources


  • Place street lights in areas convenient for residents









Secure our Financial Future


  •  Ensure we are active in development plans that affect us to ensure responsible growth


  •  Establish formal boundaries for communities in District 7 


  •  Redistrict and reapportionment based on infrastructure and long term planning


Invest in Ourselves 


  •  Alleviate drainage problems, 


  •  Invest in community recycling programs 


  •  Support litter-pick up and beautification programs




  •  Look to our past to remember what we love about this community, why we continue to live here and let that be what guides us as we build for the future

Clean up Lacombe Initiative